Mandarin Speaking Club

Are you an intermediate and upper level learner who don't have the opportunities to chat in Mandarin beyond small talk, or feel stuck when trying to express more complex opinions?

Join us, and hone your speaking skills by discussing real-life topics, getting real-time feedback from your experienced teacher, and connecting with fellow enthusiastic learners.

🚀 Immerse yourself. Express Yourself.

Have you been learning Mandarin for a while, but are struggling to find opportunities to use it? Or maybe you can practice with your friends here and there, but the conversations are too simple? 

I admit that small talk is my kryptonite. That's why I designed this program. Through this 8-week live online course, I want to provide you with ample opportunities to be immersed in Mandarin, discussing real-life topics beyond small talk.

We have classes for two different levels.

For learners roughly at HSK 4
(or high HSK 3)
For learners roughly at HSK 5 to HSK 6

A 15min assessment session is included upon enrolling, so that you can join the suitable level!

🎯Who is this course for?

This course if ideal for learners who: 
  • are at an intermediate or advanced level (HSK 4+) 
  • want to focus more on improving their speaking skills
  • aspire to learn real-life Mandarin beyond textbooks
  • wish to talk about deeper topics beyond small talk

  • Virtual Classes  -  50min x 2  or 100min x 1 / week
  • Small group (6 students max); interactive, fun, and speaking focused classes
  • Pre-Learning Materials
  • Topic of the week, video materials, key words and PDFs will be released before each class.
  • Speaking Homework
  • Complete a speaking project each week, and get feedback from me. 
  • Office Hours - 30 min / week
  • Additional time to ask any questions & practice more!
  • Community Connections
  • Join a private online community to connect, discuss, and engage with fellow learners
  • Monthly Social Events
  • Virtual events to have fun and learn more in relevant context.

What my students say?

"I’ve been learning Mandarin with Jun since June 2022, and I’m so glad I decided to do so! Jun is a wonderful teacher who makes the class very fun. She’s always open to feedback and comes up with enjoyable and engaging way to help us learn Mandarin! Each lesson smoothly builds upon the previous one. I really like that the course does not solely focus on speaking, but on listening, reading, and writing skills as well. I’ve spent many years struggling to learn languages throughout school, but I’ve never picked up one so quickly, or enjoyed the language learning experience as much as I have with Jun. The classes are very affordable and well worth the investment. What an honor it has been learning from Jun! I look forward to every class and I’m excited to continue learning in the future!"
Logan burrows 
"Jun is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had in my various fields of study. She has a deep understanding of both English and Mandarin as languages, and knows how to teach English speakers to adapt their speaking skills specifically to Mandarin. With fun exercises and engaging materials, Jun is able to teach patterns and tips that really help students remember grammar concepts and vocabulary. She is truly driven to help her students learn and is able to accommodate each student at their own pace by providing all the time and resources needed. For me, the best part was the welcoming and diverse student group that creates a safe space for people of all backgrounds and identities to learn. She knows how to foster the perfect learning environment and do her best to make one of the hardest languages in the world manageable for any student. Thank you Jun!"
Cyrus Estakhri-Kalina
"Growing up, I never picked up on the Chinese language skills. It was easier for me to default to English (and admittedly, it still is). However, I knew deep down, I wanted to learn. This was something I wanted to change and when I saw the opportunity to learn from Stickynote Chinese. I jumped onboard right away. I was originally nervous and vulnerable at first. Who wants to learn as an adult, right? However, in addition to being knowledgeable, Jun has been patient, accommodating, and genuine. I have been attending classes for years now and currently have no intentions on stopping. I truly feel this has been a transformational journey for me. I can definitely see how much my Mandarin has improved over the years and always look forward to attending each class. "
Leslie Chan
"Jun is an excellent teacher, who is able to create a welcome learning environment for students of any level! She is very thoughtful in her feedback and provides multiple opportunities within class and office hours to participate and practice speaking, reading, and listening. Jun never makes any student feel dumb for mispronouncing words or making mistakes, and instead encourages you to think about what it is you were trying to say, and then will work through it with you. She is an incredibly effective teacher, and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning Mandarin! "
Rebecca Turner
"I started learning Mandarin with Jun at the beginning of 2020, and was impressed with the transition to online. Jun is a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable about both the language and culture, and teaches us modern ways of communicating in China. She also provides great background information and insight into the origins of the vocabulary we are learning, which helps with retaining the knowledge. I would recommend Jun to any adult Mandarin learners. I have had a very good experience. "
Tristan Potter
"Wu Laoshi is a great Chinese teacher who mixes both formal Chinese lessons with colloquial Chinese in her classes, whilst explaining both Pinyin and Chinese characters to ensure the development of her students in the most well-rounded way possible. As a (bad) Cantonese speaker, working with her has been a pleasure as she helps me navigate idiosyncrasies between the two dialects and random gaps in knowledge. "

Please book a 15min assessment session with me before enrolling, in order to make sure you join the suitable level!

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