Level 4A 
Mid-Intermediate Mandarin I
Jan. 2024 Cohort

This 8-week course is designed for learners who have completed most of HSK 3. Our primary focus will be on language points within the lower HSK 4 level.

By this stage, you would have mastered fundamental grammar points and sentence structures. Therefore, our emphasis in this course will shift towards refining specific expressions and understanding the usage of function words.

You will be able to articulate your thoughts on a wider range of deeper and abstract topics, such as love, friendship, workplace dynamics, health, and more.

  • Level:
    Lower HSK 4
  • 8 weeks
    Jan. 22 - Mar. 13, 2024.
  • Virtual lessons:
    Mon & Wed 7-7:50pm EST

Highly interactive live sessions in small groups (3-6 students)

Listening and speaking focused with 95% of classes delivered in Mandarin

Exclusive community for connections and accountability

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Express layers of thoughts with more complex conjunction words
  • Understand and indicate subtle details and tones of voices with function words 
  • Discuss a wider range of more abstract topics, such as love, friendship, workplace dynamics, health, lifestyles, and more
  • Hold conversations with native speakers on many common topics.

"I'm interested in signing up."

If you are not sure if it is the right level for you, book a free
language assessment with me.


  • Virtual Classes - 50min x 2 sessions / week
  • Small group (3 - 6 students); interactive, inclusive, and speaking focused classes
  • Dynamic Practices for Self-Study
  • Flashcards, writing practices, self-assessment quizzes
  • Community Support
  • Exclusive online community for popup questions, speaking activity and personalized feedback
    Sharing learning tips and resources with fellow learners.
  • Additional Access 
  • Life-time access to live session recordings,
    12-month access to the learning materials.

Course Details

Class Dates

The cohort will run for 8 weeks from January 22 to March 13, 2024.

Class Time

  • Live Sessions
    Mon. & Wed. 7:00 - 7:50 pm EST, start date January 22, 2024 (check my time zone)

If you'd like to join, but none of the time slots work for you, please let me know your availability. We might open new sessions if there are enough interests.

Who is the course for?

This course is for learners who's completed most of HSK 3, as we will cover language points within the lower HSK 4 level.

If you are not sure about your level, book a free language assessment with me. 

Languages in Class

The classes will be delivered in Mandarin 95% of the time, with quick explanation of complex concepts in English to ensure understanding.

Refund Policy

Try out the classes for a week. If you do not like the class, you'll be refunded for the remaining hours. 

Not sure if the course is for you?

Book a free session with me, tell me more about yourself, and have a taste of my teaching style!

Meet the instructor

Jun Wu

Hi friends, I'm Jun. I've been teaching Chinese language and culture for over a decade, and hold a B.A. in Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language, and a M.Ed in Curriculum Design and Teaching Methodology.

As a life-long language learner myself, I know what it’s like to feel stuck and lost when learning a second language. Now after having lived and taught in three different countries to students of all levels and ages, from elementary school to university courses, I'm fascinated not only by the differences among cultures, but how much we share in common. 

Together, we will make this learning process fun while making meaningful connections along the way!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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